Valentine's Day split 7" with Teenage Bubblegums


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released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


MALADROIT Paris, France

ooh la la, oui oui, we are French ! Our song structures are simple as fuck, the choruses sticky like a "pomme d'amour" and the guitar solos, played with one finger... almost annoying. We sing about our loser experiences, especialy with girls, life on the road and DIY punk scene, sometimes in french so no one gets it, but you know... c'est la vie ! ... more

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Track Name: Mila Kunis (will you be my +1?)
My best friend is getting married in a couple weeks
My girlfriend, she just dumped me, I feel like a dick

Will you be my +1 ?

My sister didn't care, my mother wouldn't dare
Please help me, I dont wanna be alone out there

Will you be my +1 ?
Track Name: She spent Valentine's Day on her iPhone
I met this girl last month
She's cool, I got her number
I asked her out for valentine's day
On the big day, at this fancy place
Before we even order us a drink
She fucking checked in on Foursquare

She spent Valentine's day on her iPhone

I tried a conversation
She kept updating Facebook
with stupid Youtube videos
I looked her in the eyes
She was texting an other guy
And then she took a picture of her plate

She spent Valentine's day on her iPhone

What the fuck in wrong with me ?
What's this phone has more than me ?
What the fuck is going on Instagram ?